We are proud of the sites that have chosen to use our services. Here are some of the sites that have used us which may give you ideas of how you could use your web space too.  😉

Goodwood Roller Marathon - By far our most technical site.  Now the largest roller race in the UK the organisers really wanted to use their site to the fullest.  Using our Audio/Video streaming services we uploaded over 15 hours of video and cross matched it with their chip timing results allowing every racer to see a video clip of them crossing the finish line.
Schamroth & Harriss Architects - They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this is particularly true for architects. We tried to build a site to show off their work to the world. A quote from Ruth Schamroth: "Our website is crisp, user-friendly and a great shop window for our architectural practice.". 
Howel-Evans and Opher Architects - heostudio not only required hosting but an entire website and quite a complex one with over 200 photographs to exhibit their works. heostudio have this to say: "The service we found at Dogsbody Hosting was extremely impressive. They were quick and responsive to our numerous amendments and managed to explain the process and technical information to us very clearly. We are completely satisfied with the end result and really appreciate how straightforward they made it to get our website up and running". 
Camberley Skaters - This site required a lot of work to include everything required but shows off wonderfully the power of the Joomla! CMS that it was built on. The site required visitors to register for an account which gave them access to advanced features on the site. With a popular forum, a picture gallery, downloads, RSS data feeds, private messaging, a calender and an area to play online games the site works well with a constant template throughout the site.
Dogsbody Org - Yes ok, it's a bit of a cop out. The owner of Dogsbody Hosting uses Dogsbody Hosting. But he is very happy with the service 🙂 It is worth pointing out that Dogsbody Hosting was originally created because the things needed to run this site were so expensive elsewhere on the internet.