Lots of people run their own sites and servers but DNS is the lifeblood that sticks things together.

If you run your own servers you may be tempted to run your DNS on those same servers. This is fine but when your server goes down (or maybe just your ISP), so does your DNS and you effectively drop off the Internet completely.

By hosting your DNS outside your network customers will still be able to send you email without it bouncing immediately and with our MX backup service mail will be held for up to 7 days while you get back online.

Like all of our services we will customise the service to your requirements however here is an example package…

  • Secondary DNS for up to 50 domains
  • Pushed to over 10 geographically separate servers
  • All nameservers on separate network connections and data centres
  • Anycast routing serves users from their nearest server
  • Vanity nameservers can be personalised for your domain (ns1.example.com)
  • Glue records for all popular TLD an ccTLDs
  • MX Backup service so that mail won’t be rejected if you have an outage
  • Managed via a script (add a domain to your primary and it will automatically be added to the secondary)
  • DNS NOTIFY support so that updates are pushed to servers immediately
  • Full IPv6 support, serving of IPv6 records from IPv6 addresses

This package would cost £180 per year (£15 per month).

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